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Frequently Asked Questions About Sylvania Xenarc and Philips HID Conversion Lights 

Sylvania Xenarc and Silverstar FAQ's



The Philips HID-Conversion Kit FAQ

What is the Warranty on my new Xenarc Systems Headlights?

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality and performance of your Xenarc Systems Headlights. There is a 1 Year Factory Warranty on all SYLVANIA XENARC kits.  We back that up with a return policy that allows for returns up to 10 days after delivery for any reason.

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What is the Warranty on my new Philips HID-Conversion kits?

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality and performance of your Xenarc Systems Headlights. There is a 5 Year Factory warranty on all SYLVANIA XENARC kits. We back that up with a return policy that allows for returns up to 30 days after delivery for any reason.

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How hard is it to install Xenarc Systems™ Headlamps?

Installation is so fast and easy, most people are done in only 20 minutes. Everything you need to complete the installation is included in the kit - no tools are required. And our instructions are designed to be clear and easy to follow. In fact you can review the installation guides by clicking here.

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What does HID stand for?

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. HID lamps do not use a filament, instead the light is generated by an electrical arc inside of the capsule. In order to generate the arc, a high energy pulse is produced from the electronic ballast, this high energy pulse produces an electrical arc across the electrodes in the capsule and generates light.

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Why do HID headlights look blue when they are turned on?

The color of a light is determined by its color temperature. The interaction of the electrical arc and the gasses inside of the capsule give off a higher color temperature (4,100 K) that is closer to true white. So when you compare the color of a halogen headlights (3,200 K) against the color of HID headlights, the HID lamps look blue/white and the halogen lamps appear more yellow.

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How long will my new HID headlights last?

The HID system is designed to last an astonishingly long time -- up to 10 times longer than a conventional halogen capsule.

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Is such a bright light legal?

Yes. All Xenarc Systems Headlamps are engineered using the same stringent requirements that Original Equipment Manufacturers demand.

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How much performance improvement do Xenarc Systems headlamps provide compared to the original equipment headlamps?

If we were to look down from an airplane at night we would see what we call a ground plot of the light pattern.

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Are Xenarc Systems headlamps durable enough for off-road use?

Yes. Not only are Xenarc Systems headlamps built to the same vibration and impact requirements that OEMs demand, but you get the added durability provided by a filament-less system. Many halogen bulbs don't survive off-road use because the shock and vibration causes premature failure of the filament.

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Why do Xenarc Systems headlamps appear red when first turned on and then slowly turn blue? Is this normal?

Yes. It is completely normal to see a color change in the first few seconds of operation. This is a result of the electrical arc heating up the gasses and salts inside of the capsule.

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Are replacement bulbs available for my new Xenarc Systems headlights?

HID bulbs are designed to last up to ten times longer than standard halogen bulbs, typically up to 3,000 hours. But should you ever need a replacement, you can purchase one from authorized auto parts dealers. We recommend that you replace the bulb with an XENARC D1R HID Capsule.

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What other Xenarc Systems products are available?

The Xenarc Systems HID Headlamp fits many cars, trucks, and Mac Trucks.  Also available is Xenarc HID AUX Low Beam KIT to add to the performance to your HID Headlamps or by it self.

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Philips HID-Conversions?

Philips HID-Conversion and you can get either stage I (4300K) White/blue $447 or stage II (6000k) Blue $498.  Some states do not do inspections so it would not matter, and you can put in your old HALOGENS when getting your car inspected.  They are plug to plug compatible with no permanent wiring, so you can plug in your old bulbs back in after unplugging the ballast. The Philips kits are not DOT approved and are not street legal, laws about this vary from state to state.  

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Difference in Stage I and Stage II (4300k) - (6000k).

Philips HID-Conversion and you can get either stage I (4300K) White/blue $447 or stage II (6000k) Blue $498. 

If your looking for the most light output you should get stage I (4300k) that is the OEM color in Lexus and BMW (and it is not noticeable your lights are conversions). 

 If your looking for the Very blue look the 6000k stage II is what your looking for, they are more blue than any lights you see on the road.  The 6000k Stage II bulbs are actually coated with a blue tent and filters out light to produce the blue color, however when its filtering light out it is producing less light output.   

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To get the most light output with HID-Aux Driving lights.

To get the MOST LIGHT OUTPUT you can add AUX-HID-DRIVING LIGHTS X1010  (fog lights upgrade) (5400k) blue $498.  Aux driving lights do not require any wiring just plugging in ballast and mounting them.  You do not have to wire a turn on switch it comes with a wireless remote to turn them on with, this is to avoid drilling through the firewall and running wires.  X1010 kit is DOT approved. 

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Factory Fog Lights

The DOT does not regulate Fog lights and they can be upgraded to HID with HID-Conversions and be STREET LEGAL.  

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Upgrading High / Low Bulbs 9003, 9004, 9007, H3

For your Model of bulbs you will have HID low beams and loose your high beams.  You could take advantage of a very NEW BI-Xenon HIGH/Low kit that gives you both High Beams and Low Beams.  The High Low kit BI-Xenon moves a spoon like mirror changing the optics giving you High beams.  The Bi-Xenon kit is 4300k $749 and 6000k $899.  However If you had hid for your low beams that are 3x brighter than your High Beams you have currently and will never need your high beams anyways.  HID will give you more light output than your high beams currently, so their would be no use for them.  

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Classic Cars and pre 90's Cars use Sealed Beams. 

The Classic Cars and Pre-90's Cars all use sealed beams and Xenarc makes 100% OEM Street Legal HID-Sealed Beams for UPGRADES.  You can change the lighting in your classic car and still have all OEM equipment but upgraded to 20th century lighting with Xenon-HID.  The Sylvania Xenarc HID-Sealed Beams Upgrades are of OEM quality DOT approved and 100% Street Legal.  

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Motorcycles upgrading to Xenon HID

We have conversion kits for all applications, most motorcycles use an H7 HID-Conversion.  To make sure go through your owners manual for the replacement bulb part # then email us.   

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SilverStars are they Blue? . 

The Silverstars are are not blue and the BRIGHTEST Bulbs that are not HID lights-accompanied by a ballast and wires. Silverstars are a same color as factory HID kits (4000k  White COLOR) but do not have the same light output.  Silverstars are by far the brightest bulbs you can get without stepping into the next lvl of HID.  Silver Star High Performance Halogen Upgrades are of OEM quality DOT approved and 100% Street Legal.   

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Does Silver Stars compare to Piaa?

The Silver Stars do compare to piaa and surpass them with less wattage.  Piaa attains their light output with more wattage and SILVERSTARS attain their light output through technology and higher quality manufacturing.  Silverstars are brighter while using less wattage, without causing shorter bulb life and burning out wire harnesses as do PIAA bulbs. The Silverstars Upgrades are of OEM quality DOT approved and 100% Street Legal. Piaa lights are not Street legal and NOT Dot approved.

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What's the difference between Silverstars and HID lights.

The Silverstars are HALOGEN bulbs and do not compare to HID.  HID uses a Ballast wires and Xenon gas filled capsule as the same lights in foot ball stadiums and using 35wats.  Silverstars are a direct bulb replacement using a filament and without a ballast as HID.  Silverstars are the best light output you can get without the big jump to HID lighting.  

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Can I get the same light as in LEXUS and BMW with 40-70$ Bulbs by Silver star or Piaa.


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Does Silverstars Compare to Cool Blue if so which is better?


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Is the more blue you get or the more K equal More light?


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What are Xenon and High Intensity Discharge?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) is a type of lighting technology that replaces the filament of the light bulb with a capsule of gas. When high voltage is applied, the gas is ignited to produce an arc of light. Xenon is the most common gas used in automotive HID systems. The amount of light produced is greater than a standard halogen bulb, while consuming less power, and more closely approximating the color temperature of natural daylight. On the road, Xenon HID headlights appear as a bright white with a slight purple tint. While cars equipped with Xenon lights are still relatively rare, they are easily spotted. The most common cars that come with Xenon lights are late model Mercedes-Benz S500, BMW 750iL, and Lincoln Mark VIII.

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What are the advantages of HID over conventional headlights?

HID lighting has several advantages over conventional lighting systems:


  • More light output. A 35 Watt HID light source produces up to 3x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55 Watt halogen bulb. (From the Sylvania Website.)
  • Whiter light. The color temperature of HID lighting more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight than does a halogen system, which appears yellowish. See also ("Color Temperature? What's that?")
  • Greater visibility. The combination of more light output and whiter color make for better visibility in most nighttime driving conditions.
  • Lower power consumption. A 55 watt halogen system draws a constant 10 Amps current (approximate), while an HID system in steady state draws 6 Amps (about 35-40% less). As an added result, less heat is dissipated by the HID system.
  • Longer Service Life. An HID lamp will last, on the average, 3 to 5 times as long as a halogen bulb. For most people, this translates into the life of the vehicle (and probably the life of next vehicle also).
  • Aesthetics. HID is much more eye catching than conventional systems.
  • Exclusivity. You can be certain that not everyone on the block will have HID. This is important in the aftermarket world where everyone else is trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd by their various modifications.

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Color Temperature? What's that?

The light color of a light source is expressed as color temperature. The higher the color temperature of a light source, the light emitted will run through a scale from dark red, red, orange, yellow, white to light blue. The higher the temperature, the whiter the color. Xenon HID light sources for automotive use are rated at 4000-4500 K while halogen bulbs are rated around 3200 K. As a reference, natural daylight is rated at around 4500-5000 K.

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Which cars come with factory Xenon HID headlight systems?

The following is a partial list of cars that can be ordered from the dealer with factory Xenon HID systems:

Acura 3.2TL ('99)
Acura 3.5RL ('99)
Audi A6
Audi A8
BMW 323i ('99)
BMW 328i ('99)
BMW 5-Series
BMW 7-Series
GMC Envoy ('99)
Honda EVPlus
Infiniti Q45 ('99)
Infiniti I30 ('00) Lexus GS300
Lexus GS400
Lexus LS400
Lincoln Mark VIII
Mercedes-Benz C-Class ('99)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class
Porsche 911

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Can any car be converted to HID?

HID conversions can generally be installed into any car that uses a headlight design where the bulb can be replaced independently of the headlight assembly. Beam pattern correct HID conversions can only be done on headlights which use a bulb that satisfies all of the following conditions:

- The bulb is a single filament bulb (i.e., the low beams and high beams use separate bulbs)
- The bulb has a axial filament (i.e., the filament is parallel to the length of the bulb, rather than the width)
- The physical dimensions of the bulb are similar to the physical dimensions of the HID light source.

If your car has a dual filament bulb (low and high beams combined into one bulb), a conversion may still be possible, but it is probably not possible to correct the beam pattern. In addition, you will have to to give up your high beams. This is because HID is designed as a low beam only system. All HID systems in production use separate bulbs for low and high beams, with the high beams being standard halogen bulbs. Because of the startup time required for HID, it may be unsuitable in instances where you need to flash your high beams. All factory equipped HID systems use the dual bulb HID low/Halogen high configuration. We do not recommend or endorse a loss of high beam conversion, mainly due to the incorrect beam pattern that will result. An added drawback to a loss of high beam conversion is the fact that should the HID system fail for any reason (usually improper installation), you could be left with no lights at an inopportune time or place. While it is possible to perform a conversion and retain the high beams, this requires extensive modifications to your headlight housing or a custom headlight housing to be made. Both options are very expensive, but if professionally done, the conversion will have a corrected beam pattern. As a side note, any vendor that tells you a beam correct conversion can be done on a 9007, 9004, H4, or 9003 without custom headlight housings is either not being truthful with you, doesn't fully understand the technical issues, or hasn't actually tested it. It is interesting to note that combined low/high HID systems are currently in the prototype stages. The feat was accomplished by actually moving the HID light source back and forth inside the headlight assembly to alter the focal point from low to high beams.

As for cars that use a bulb with a transverse filament, while a conversion may be possible, the beam pattern results may be unpredictable due to the fact that HID light sources are only made with axial arc paths. Again, in this case, for a beam pattern correct conversion, extensive modifications will need to be made to the headlight housing or a custom housing made. Thus, we don't generally recommend axial filament conversions.

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What do I need to convert my car to HID?

You will need 2 control ballasts, 2 ignitor units, special high voltage wiring, and 2 HID light sources. This is the bare minimum to allow the HID system to work. To make the HID work optimally, there may be several other issues that need to be resolved. This usually depends on the year, make, and model of your car. (See "What issues do I need to address before my HID system will look and perform like a factory HID system?").

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What about other vendor's HID conversions? What makes yours better?

Aside from the parts departments of dealers that sell cars that come with factory Xenon HID headlights (If you choose to go this route, be prepared to shell out at least $1600.), there are a couple other sources for aftermarket HID headlight conversions. However, be warned that not all HID conversions are created equal. There are several questions to ask any vendor before you buy a conversion:

- Is the conversion beam pattern correct?
- If so, how is the conversion made to be beam pattern correct?
- If so, how is the conversion tested to ensure beam pattern correctness?
- If not, do they know why it is not beam pattern correct, and can they tell you how to fix it?
- If not, do they know what a correct beam pattern even looks like?
- If not, are they aware that non-beam pattern correct conversions have serious disadvantages?
- Is the conversion 100% reversible? i.e., no permanent modifications or cutting done on the car.
- How are modifications (if any) made? (We use a professional fabricator using professional equipment.)

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What does the conversion kit include?

The kit includes 2 control ballasts, 2 ignitor units, 2 HID light sources, all wiring, a wiring diagram, and mounting instructions for the HID light sources. A factory connector kit is optional. For certain makes and models of cars, we can also supply detailed step-by-step installation instructions.

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Can't I just replace the stock Halogen bulbs with Xenon lamps?

No. Standard 12V automotive power sources are incompatible with the HID light source. The standard halogen bulbs run at 12V, while HID lamps run at approximately 25000V and require several amps to start up. The additional hardware that comes with the kit is needed to convert your car's 12V power source to drive the HID system. The connector is also totally different from any automotive halogen bulb connector.

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I've heard that Wagner sells Xenon bulbs for $9, and that they are direct replacements for the stock Halogen Bulbs. Is this true?

Yes and no. The $9 Wagner bulbs sold under the name of "Wagner Xenon BriteLite" simply Halogen bulbs that are a little brighter than stock. Since they are still Halogen bulbs, they have the yellowish tint from Halogen, rather than the whitish blue that HID provides. If you compare them side by side with HID, then you will see a big difference, with HID giving off a much whiter clearer light. The Wagner bulbs are Xenon in name only, and are far from the real thing. Other manufacturers also make specialty bulbs that may have Xenon in the name, but are not true HID. The picture at right shows a real HID light source. Note that instead of a filament, there is a capsule of gas between the two terminals. If you see someone selling Xenon bulbs, and are wondering if they are true HID, it should look something like this. If they're $9, and they are the real thing, then let us know where you found them, and immediately buy the entire stock.

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What about those "ion blue" or "diamond blue" Halogen bulbs? I've heard that they are just like Xenon.

Right now, "ion blue" or "diamond blue" Halogen bulbs, produced by companies such as Heliolite and Stargate, are all the rage because they promise to look like HID for a total cost of roughly $35. The bulbs themselves are standard Halogen bulbs that have a purplish-blue coating on the surface. Do they deliver on their promise? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The light they give off is bluish-yellow, rather than the white of HID, and in some of the standard wattage variants (55-65W), are dimmer and provide less visibility and coverage than stock. The higher wattage variants appear as good as or slightly better than stock, but in reality are not, and cannot begin to compare to the brightness and clarity of HID. On an HID lamp, the purple tint you see is a by-product of normal operation and the actual usable light that you see on the road is pure white. For the blue coated bulbs, the blue light is the primary light. In essence, on a blue coated halogen bulb, you are filtering out all light wavelengths except the blue, which makes for very poor performance, because wavelengths other than blue are the primary light that halogen bulbs produce. When viewed side by side, the HID is clearly superior. These blue coated bulbs are also not approved by any regulatory agency, are definitely illegal, and will attract police attention. We have heard of many cases of equipment violation citations being issued because of their use. In contrast, Xenon HID light sources are U.S. D.O.T. and European E-Code compliant. With a large number of cars sporting the blue bulbs, they also don't provide the uniqueness of HID. In short, when comparing these bulbs to HID, the old saying applies: "You get what you pay for."

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What issues do I need to address before my HID system will look and perform like a factory HID system?

Depending on what make and model of car you are installing the kit into, possible issues that may be encountered are weatherproofing, custom fitting the Xenon lamps to the headlight housing, beam pattern, and hardware mounting location. For more detailed discussion on these issues, please see the following questions.

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What are the issues concerning beam pattern?

One of the main issues that needs to be addressed is that of the beam pattern. In relation to the base, the gas capsule in an HID lamp is positioned differently than the filament on a halogen bulb. The result of this is that the beam pattern is incorrect, inconsistent, has a large amount of stray light, and has excessive backglare in many conditions. As a result, there is a lot of light where you don't want it, and not enough where you do. What this translates to is that your visibility is impaired in many situations, and many people will think that your high beams are on. This can be solved by a modification to the HID lamp to bring the beam pattern close to the factory beam pattern. The nature of the modifications we have done for the beam pattern correct kit is proprietary, but it moves the gas capsule back into the correct position. This done by a professional fabricator using professional grade equipment, so you can be assured that all tolerances are maintained. Even the slightest deviation from the original specification can affect the beam pattern. Other HID conversion vendors hand modify headlamp housings in an attempt to correct their beam patterns then claim their conversion to be beam pattern correct. This is not the case, because in a hand modification, tolerances for fore-aft positioning, lateral positioning, and angular positioning cannot be maintained, and this has a very profound impact on the beam pattern. Also, modifications to the headlamp housing are sometimes irreversible. Since our beam pattern correct HID lamps require no modification to the headlamp housing, it is 100% reversible. If you are using the standard unmodified conversion kit to do a custom conversion, we will advise you as to what modifications you will need to do.

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What about weatherproofing the installation?

In order to weatherproof the HID conversion kit, several steps need to be taken. The first is to try to mount the hardware in the underhood compartment, rather than in the bumper area or wheelwells. This will ensure that a minimal among of water will reach the hardware. The hardware itself has been weatherproofed to a degree, but it is still best that it not come into contact with large amounts of water. Exposure to a small amount of water will not damage the system. The second weatherproofing consideration is at the area where the HID lamp is inserted in the headlight housing. If your car's headlight housing is designed so that you must open a waterproof sealed cap to access the bulb assembly, then the cap will insure that no water enters the headlight housing. No additional steps are needed. If, however, your headlight housing is a design where the bulb is inserted and twisted into place, you will need to make sure that water cannot enter the housing once the HID lamp is in place. The easiest way to do this is to use the O-ring seal that comes with 9006 bulbs and put it around the base of the HID lamp where the flange contacts the headlamp housing. This forms an effective seal between the base of the HID lamp and the housing. Note that these HID lamp sealing instructions are written with the custom fabricated beam pattern correct conversion in mind. For other custom conversions using the standard unmodified kit, we will advise on how to weatherproof the installation.

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Do the HID lamps need to be modified to fit the Halogen headlight housings?

If you are doing a conversion for a 9006 setup using the custom fabricated beam pattern correct kit, then no modifications to the HID lamp is needed to make it fit. Some headlamp housings where the 9006 bulb is held in by a clip may require the removal of a small tab on the inner edge of where the bulb enters the housing. This can be done using a file, but care must be taken not to allow any particles or dust to enter the headlamp housing. For custom conversions other than 9006 using the standard unmodified conversion kit, modifications are required. To discuss these modifications, please e-mail us.

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What about mounting the extra hardware?

In installing the Xenon conversion kit, you will need to find a place to mount the hardware. The limitation is that the hardware can be mounted only where the length of the wires will allow. Because the wiring is of a special type, it cannot be cut or extended. This means that you will have to find a suitable place for mounting the hardware no more than approximately two to three feet from the headlight housing. The hardware also cannot be mounted near sources of high heat or where it may be exposed to excess amounts of water.

Are there any pictures of a car with the kit installed?

Here are a couple pictures of one of the prototype cars for the conversion kit. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.   On the HID-Aux Driving lights page or the Philips HID-Conversion page.  

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Is the conversion kit street legal?

Please note that aftermarket (non-factory) Xenon HID headlight conversions are not legal for use on public roads or highways in the U.S.. For our U.S. customers, we will only sell products or parts for applications that we determine not to be in violation of U.S. laws or motor vehicle code. For customers outside the U.S., it is the responsibility of the customer to check local laws and regulations to ensure that their application is not illegal. We do not endorse any illegal or noncompliant use of our products. Buyers assume all responsibilities for any unauthorized or illegal use.

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