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Headlights Xenon HID Lighting

HID Headlights Xenon Light kits:

This is true HID-Headlights, the innovative Headlight illumination that was once the exclusive domain of performance high-end imports lights.

Highest Quality Car Headlights:

The Safety drivers deserve

Every night, drivers depend on their lights to ensure safety. XENON HID Kits deliver three times the headlights light output, improved peripheral vision, and enhanced down-road visibility. XENON HID kits is the true hid lights, creating whiter light of greater intensity with a higher color temperature that outshines halogen piaa lights and even competitive HID headlights like piaa (5400°K vs. 4100°K).  XENON HID Xenon headlights unmatched in performance...and SAFETY...a new aftermarket approach that will forever change night driving. 

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HID Headlights & Aux Driving Lights 

          fog lights Fog Lights fog lights  

The longevity drivers demand

XENON® HID Lights isn’t like conventional halogen lighting; there are no filaments to break or degrade. The Custom Light is generated from an electrical discharge between two electrodes. As a result, XENON® illuminates with three times greater intensity than any halogen light currently available, and it burns far longer while consuming less power. XENON® bulbs are designed to burn ten times longer than halogen bulbs, up to 3,000 hours. Despite its unparalleled output, HID Headlights consumes about half the power of halogen.  

Affordable High End Halogens HID-Like (4000k)

SILVERSTAR Bulbs & Sealed Beams 

Bulbs:   H1 ST Headlights, H3 ST Headlights, H4 ST Headlights, H7 ST  Headlights, 9003 ST  Headlights, 9004 ST  Headlights, 9005 ST  Headlights, 9006 ST  Headlights, 9007 ST Headlights, 880 ST Headlights, 893 ST Headlights, 

Sealed Beams: H4651 ST  Headlights, H4656 ST Headlights, H4666 ST Headlights, H6024 STHeadlights,  H6054 ST Headlights, 
  9145 st 9040 st 9055 st 

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How Bright are HID Lights?

When you compare the performance of XENON HID to a conventional halogen bulb in an auxiliary low beam or fog lights application, you'll see there is          ENLIGHTENING DIFFERENCE!!

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HID Lights 


HID- Aux Low Beam Lights: $349  

Reg: $498  

(Fog Lights Upgrades)


HID-Sealed Beams




Silverstars are High performance Halogens and will not produce the light output like you see in Lexus and BMW.  However Silverstars are the Next best thing to HID even compared to Piaa. 

HID-Aux Low Beam Lights: X1010

Dramatic savings With Same Light Output Gives you Xenon-HID the Cost Effective way &  a Revolutionary NEW Ultra- WIDE beam pattern. Fits Most all Cars Trucks and SUV's Don't miss out.


- Xenon-HID 3x More light output 

- Last 10x longer than standard Halogen

 - Safer driving at night for your family and kids 

- Stops Deer out on the side of the road due to the WIDE beam patterns. 


Xenarc-Sealed Beams by Sylvania: 


Street Legal HID headlights that are OEM for your CLASSIC car or personal car truck, suv.  

HID-Conversion kits:

Get Benefit & Safety of Xenon-HID for your car just like the Expensive Imports BMW & Lexus.  

Buying From US 

Warranty: We provide a 3y warranty on Sylvania Xenarc products. 

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Xenon-HID The True Driving Experience



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WARRANTY SYLVANIA products have a 3 Year Factory warranty.  

Setting New High Performance Standards. Meeting All Legal Standards

*All Sylvania Products are 100% Street Legal All references to street legal is referring to Sylvania's products

*All HID-Conversion kits by PHILIPS are not DOT approved and Laws may vary from state to state. 

SYLVANIA'S HID aftermarket products illuminate the night better than anything on the road. But what sets our brilliant innovations apart is that every product we offer is 100% street legal. All Xenarc products have been designed and tested to conform to applicable legal standards.

Headlight Upgrade Systems comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 108 and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Specification J2009 for Discharge Forward Lighting Systems.

Auxiliary Low Beam Kits comply with SAE J582 for Auxiliary Low Beam Lights. Many states regulate the use of auxiliary vehicle lighting.

Proper headlamp and auxiliary light aim is a critical component of responsible driving. Remember - most glare is caused by forward lighting that is being misused or improperly aimed.

Experience True High Intensity Driving today with Xenarc HID Lighting Systems.

ALL Returns have to be postmarked within 10 days.  The product(s) must be in orignal packaging and in resaleable condition.  Refunds are full price minus a 20% Restocking fee.  Returns for Shipping damages must contact UPS the next day after delivery, then contact us.  Any damage during installation is of responsibility of the recipient.  All units are inspected twice before leaving the store for operation and condition.  

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